Switzerland was my first trip solo trip abroad in my life. I had been swayed by the incredible images that were posted constantly online and I couldnt think of a better first destination. Needless to say, I fell in love with it instantly. It not only lived up to my expectations, but surpassed them.

Since then, I’ve visited twice a year, once in Summer and again in Winter. It feels like a different country in each season!

Check out some of the more specific places Ive been in the sections below.


When people first see pictures of Lauterbrunnen, they are consistently floored. It genuinely looks like something out of a movie, which is coincidental as J. R. R. Tolkien took the landscape as inspiration for the fictitious valley of Rivendell, better known from Lord of the Rings fame.

Being a small village in a valley between two mountains, Lauterbrunnen is an absolutely stunning sight to behold, especially in the Summer. There are a total of 72 waterfalls throughout the valley, with the largest being the Staubbach Falls.

There are tonnes of hikes to do in the area, the views are breathtaking when the weather isnt overcast and you wont be disappointed.

Some of the pictures I have taken from the area are below.


The city of Lucerne is a work of art in of itself


At 1300 meters high, the village of Stoos is accessible via the Stoosbahn Funicular Railway. The Railway itself holds the record for being the the steepest railway of its type in the world. Going up it was an incredible experience and for the best views make sure you get the view facing downwards!

When you reach the village itself, you can take some ski lifts up to Klingenstock and embark upon a ridge hike all the way to Fronalpstock. The views are absolutely incredible and it was probably the best hiking experience of my life (so far!).

Pictures and videos below.


With its unique location, Basel is known as the second largest economic centre of Switzerland, the first being Zurich. The city exists at the point where the Swiss, French and German borders meet. In fact, when you exit from Basel Airport, you are given the choice to exit into France or Germany too!

The River Rhine passes through the city, and throughout the Summer you can see people dive in to cool off and float down the river. A very relaxing way to enjoy your time there.

Some notable pictures I have taken in Basel are below.


I first visited Meiringen-Hasliberg during the Winter season, Ive been back again another Winter since purely because of what an amazing experience it was. The first time I went it was a heavily overcast day, little did I know that the Cable Car taking me to the top of the Mountain would take me above the clouds too!

The views that awaited me were stupendous and unlike anything I had ever seen before. The clouds were below me, like ocean waves being contained by the Mountains, and the skies above were clear blue. Thats not all either, I hiked down the Mountain through the clouds back to the bottom. Being inside the clouds while also surrounded by snow was an otherworldly experience for me. Everything was in black and white, and for a moment I thought I might be lost!

Check out some of the pictures I took below.

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