The Myth of Decentralisation

…True decentralisation is reliant on the good will of the general masses. Unfortunately for the majority of the well intentioned public, a small minority of those seeking to exploit the system have an easier time pooling their resources and focusing their efforts to disrupt the fairness of the system. Lawlessness favours the lawless.

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Don’t Live Through the Internet

All it takes is a spark to ignite a forest fire. Innocent browsing through Twitter one evening led me to an observation that connected multiple ideas in my mind. Two…
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The Shortcut to Happiness

An enjoyable pastime of mine is reading and hearing proverbs from different cultures around the world. There is a seemingly endless amount of wisdom available to be shared from those…
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The Significance of Beauty

But our hearts are not moved by cold steel, nor by the smoothness of glass. We are not inspired by concrete, or moved to contemplation by plastic. We don’t see them represent any higher values, nor do they prompt introspection. They are monuments to our experiments, a reminder merely of physical achievement and an ironic barrier against introspective and metaphysical reflection.

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The Components of Great Teaching

Everyone has been a student at one point in their lives. Some may be indifferent to the experience, feeling it was irrelevant, some may have fond memories while others look…
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Breaking Through the Block

Many content creators, regardless of the type of content they make – be it a book, blog, movie, podcast or otherwise – experience from time to time what feels like…
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Natural Immersion

The device you are reading this on has limits. Were you to go on a trek in the extreme heat or cold, you would be presented with the fact that…
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Decouple and Manage

The more I remove myself from nature and the more I increase my availability to the modern world, the more restless I become. The more unhappy, too.Philosophy for Polar Explorers,…
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Our Greek would be doing this on his trip, and the psychological processes of anticipation, hope, and faith would already be at work. Thus he would be proleptically participating in…
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The Unquantifiable

Schools teach that hard ‘knowledge’, determined by rationalism and so-called objectivity, is more important than the self-expressive activities that induce self-esteem; that what ‘counts’ in life are facts and information,…
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