Sticks, Stones, Civilisation

…the well constructed stick of reasonably large length and respectful thickness brings about an instinctual reaction in many men. This invoked feeling is one of power and capability. The power to extend control over the earth and the capability to mould it as he sees fit.

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The Hidden Language of the World

This idea of a language we all share – which Coelho calls the ‘Language of the World’ – regardless of ethnicity or country of origin fascinated me. I found the idea seeping out of the pages of the book and entering my mind, provoking it to answer. “Was it true? Does such a shared language exist?”


First Impressions and Second Chances

I’ve always believed that first impressions show you what a person is really like. Initial negative impressions weighed heavily in my decisions to assume judgement of someone’s character, and an…
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My Gaming PC Console-Like Setup

Disclaimer:This blog post does not endorse or condone any illegal acts of piracy with regards to Emulation or otherwise. This post is for purely informational purposes on how to set…
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Lessons from the Innocence of Youth

Screen addiction is real. Its easy to think oneself immune to many of the ills plaguing our times by comparing ourselves to those in a worse situation than ours, but…
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Lessons on Self Control from my Son

Having become a Father for the first time and witnessing first hand the needs, demands and behaviours of my new-born son, I was fortunate enough to learn an effective lesson…
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The Myth of Decentralisation

…True decentralisation is reliant on the good will of the general masses. Unfortunately for the majority of the well intentioned public, a small minority of those seeking to exploit the system have an easier time pooling their resources and focusing their efforts to disrupt the fairness of the system. Lawlessness favours the lawless.

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Don’t Live Through the Internet

All it takes is a spark to ignite a forest fire. Innocent browsing through Twitter one evening led me to an observation that connected multiple ideas in my mind. Two…
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The Shortcut to Happiness

An enjoyable pastime of mine is reading and hearing proverbs from different cultures around the world. There is a seemingly endless amount of wisdom available to be shared from those…
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The Significance of Beauty

But our hearts are not moved by cold steel, nor by the smoothness of glass. We are not inspired by concrete, or moved to contemplation by plastic. We don’t see them represent any higher values, nor do they prompt introspection. They are monuments to our experiments, a reminder merely of physical achievement and an ironic barrier against introspective and metaphysical reflection.

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